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Five ways to encourage reluctant readers

Here is one way Project SMILE Book Club encourages children to feel excited about books, which also come in handy when writing for reluctant readers.

1. Reading for pleasure

Levels and book bands are useful tools, but it’s most important to focus on making reading fun and exciting. To avoid making reading feel like a chore or a race, Project SMILE Book Club parents learned to be interested and impressed by whatever their children are reading.

For most children, reading for pleasure starts with snugly bedtime stories. There’s no need to stop this daily ritual once children can read the words themselves. Listening to stories is a great way to nurture a love of books. It also helps a child to access interesting content above their reading level. As they get older, take it in turns to read a sentence, page or chapter each.

Informational Resource: Oxford Press | Houston Public Library | College Cafe | The Kabir Family | Great School Speakers Bureau

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Creative Way to Excite & Inspire Young Readers

Some children seem to take to reading with no effort, while other children would rather do almost anything than read. If you are a teacher, teacher-in-training, or a parent interested in ways to inspire those reluctant young readers in your life, then this list is sure to offer valuable information for you. From tips for parents and teachers to online resources and books that teach creative tips, there is plenty here will help you to find creative ways to inspire your young readers.

Tip for Parents Fun way parents can inspire their young readers.

1. Visit the library regularly. A weekly trip to the library, whether for story time or to select a book to check out, is a great way to establish a reading habit.

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