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Project SMILE Cousins of the Year 2019 Recognition Reception

Cousins are connected heart to heart distance and time can never break them apart!
Celebration 2019 –Paisley Park week in April is the perfect time to remind the world how much Project SMILE truly appreciates the work Charles ‘Chazz’ Smith is doing to protect and preserve the legacy of his late cousin Prince Rogers Nelson. Charles (Chazz) and Prince (Skipper) spent a lot of time together. Let’s celebrate Charles and the special bond he shared with one of his favorite cousins.

Project SMILE Cousins Of The Year Recognition Reception: Family & Friends hour fundraising reception in The Green Room announcing Charles ‘Chazz’ Smith and Prince Rogers Nelson as our Cousins of the Year on Friday, April 26, 2019, from 6-8pm at the Moxy Minneapolis Uptown. Click here to get access to The Green Room.

Family Relationships | The Importance of Cousins

Why Cousins Are Special and Their Roles in Our Lives

Question: What is the importance of cousins relationship?

Answer: For individuals who have no brothers and sisters, cousins fill the sibling gap.

Those in our age group provide companionship and social support. The older ones tell stories about our grandparents and share their memories of historical family events. The younger ones pull at our heartstrings and bring out the love we still have to share.

These are the relationship benefits that my cousins and I enjoy. A gathering of cousins is among the most precious of life's events.

Most cousins in other families have a similar experience concerning their grandparents—the oldest ancestor some of them know. The most comprehensive set of information we can obtain about our ancestors and our family history will have to be contributed by our cousins. If for no other reason than establishing our history, we have to admit that our cousins are special.

A cousin is a ready-made friend for life.

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