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Paint to Flow and Change

Fluid Painting

One of the benefits of this activity is that it helps to focus your mind on the here and now. By turning away from worries, planning, over analyzing, negative thoughts,... and focusing on the painting, you can take a break from stress and allow yourself to relax.

Because there is no “right or wrong” with fluid art, the activity exemplifies the simplicity of the painting by allowing the paint to flow and change with your every movement, weaving together it’s unique patterns.

The activity shows us how the paint acts just like or emotions and moods that constantly change throughout our day-to-day thoughts. It helps to remove anxiety or perfectionism in your creative process. The end result is abstract and cannot be interpreted as good or bad, so you do not need to worry about the result, only enjoying yourself and allowing yourself to be “carefree.”

This workshop will incorporate fluid acrylic paint; squirt bottles, poster board, water, paper towels, and disposable gloves if needed. All materials are included.

Social Impact Experience | Bring Visitors Closer To Your Cause

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Using fluid paint is lighthearted and fun and helps feeling stressed and overwhelmed by allowing you the ability to “play” with the paint and not worry about making a mess.

Here's how it works:

Project SMILE will provide your organization with the materials needed to promote the experience to your visitors. We will conduct on-site workshops during which we present the experience to your visitors and raise funds for your organization. You can sign up here to host your Social Impact Experience. For sign-up guidance contact us.

Expressive Art Therapy Experience | Available Group Workshops

It is NOT necessary to be an artist to benefit from art therapy. Don’t worry about the technical skills; there will be no grades and no judgments about whether your artwork is “good enough.” This time you DO NOT have to “stay within the lines.”

Private and Business Paint Experiences!


Paint workshop by Project SMILE | About that time #AtTheMoxy

Home or Business

We’ve been having a blast holding private liquid art paint workshops at people’s homes and public workshops held at businesses around Houston. The host or business owner gets to paint for free! We provide everything but tables and chairs. If this is something you’re interested in please contact us for more details.

Cost & Registration

$30/person for a business event

The business event planner receives $5/person cost as well as the opportunity for one employee to paint for no charge.

$25/person for a private event

The first guest to arrive gets an extra canvas to paint for no charge.